Hey guys! It’s your CEO Hiturunk here!

Penguin Party is proud to announce it’s Uniswap.info fork Penguinalytics which can be found at https://penguinalytics.eth.link/ — We hope to use it to help everyone who wants to focus in on smaller marketcap projects and sidepairs!

Our new homepage that explains the basics about who we are and what we do got finalized and uploaded to https://penguinparty.eth.link/ today!

It’s very pretty!

I’d like to thank all the wonderful devs along the way that helped us explain just what it is we do as simply as possible with it; It’s bare-bones and more will…

Hi all,

I’m Richard, the CTO of PenguinParty!

Photo by Bob Shea on Unsplash

Due to the new influx of users, I just wanted to let you guys know what we have working on and our plans for the future. As a reminder, we have a Discord group (here) where the majority of our communication goes, as well as our weekly meetings with both the community and the developers. If you’re not an avid Discord user, that’s okay too! I plan to make sure all the Telegram natives are fully aware of all the moving and grooving we’re doing. …

Good morning penguins!

I have created a new token contract I call a ‘Commonwealth Credit’,
A commonwealth credit is a wrapped aToken that delegates it’s interest power and a small transaction fee, for the good of a commonwealth.

I have deployed the first commonwealth credit contract for aDai here.

Choose wisely…

Good morning Penguins!

We were excited to see Penguin Party 🐟 has taken and held the #1 spot in price change on Uniswap!

Good morning, Penguins!

Today is whitepaper day! You know what that means?

It means this is another anniversary of our beautiful revolution: Bitcoin.

At block 11161185, Dharma’s proposal “UP2” for a retroactive distribution of Uni, that we strongly believed would have hurt Uni holders, failed.

We, as Uni holders, can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. We *are not* going to distribute $45 million dollars worth of Uni in a lump-sum “Airdrop” to the users of a select few defi applications.

With Dharma’s proposal finished, now is a good time for us as Uniswap users, developers, and UNI holders, to think of CONSTRUCTIVE ways to use the Uniswap treasury.

  • 🐧Penguin Party🐧 Votes No on Dharma’s “Up2” Proposal — Uniswap

The votes have been tallied. I, Hiturunk, have confirmed the signatures of the voters and do hereby swear them be valid and correct. 20k votes responded “NO”, and 0 votes voted “YES”.

Credit: Nat Geo

Hey there, Penguins, today’s the day we count the votes for the Dharma proposal, UP2, and cast the Penguin Party’s votes according to the first snapshot.page poll using Penguin Party 🐟 tokens!


Dharma’s proposal looks set to fail.

David Felton

We are a Decentralized Governance Token Delegation focused on software deliverables to improve decentralized protocols and ensure protocol interoperability.

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